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Rebecca Ann Roberts 

I'm a San Antonio native and graduate of Jefferson High School & UTHSC where I earned my BSN with honors! I practiced nursing specializing in Pediatric ICU and trauma until 2004 when Schooners opened. I began bartending at 19 and continued thru college, and here I am again! Doing what I love most. I have met my best friends in life working in the industry. Everyone who knows me knows I am married but still like to have fun! I have 2 boys and 2 grandchildren. Yikes! Whom I am especially proud of. I'm at Schooners a lot... You can catch me behind the bar on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from Noon till 8pm, then on the other side sitting and hanging out with my friends, shooting darts, poorly I might add, and having a great time. So drop by and visit. It's a great place to be! Also, check out our events calendar for daily drink specials, parties, and announcements. Hope to see you soon!

Amber Rose

Hello my Name is Amber Rose. I'm from a small town called Mineral Wells but have lived in San Antonio now for 8 years. No Husband! No Kids! I'm supposed to put my age on here but have more fun letting you guys guess. Stop in on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday between 12-8 PM or Thursday nights from 8PM-2AM and I will pour you a cold one!

Jerry Delligatti

I have been bartending here for 5 years now. It is an awesome place that I have a lot of fun at. I moved to Texas 8 years ago from Pittsburgh. I am a huge Steelers fan. If you come in on a Sunday afternoon you will see me in one of my many Steelers jersey's. Plus, you can get some free lunch. I promise it will be good. I am very passionate about my cooking; have been doing it since I was 13, so come try it out! I work Monday night, Wednesday night, Friday night and Sunday day. I hope to see you all there!

Sherry Olson

Hello!! My name is Sherry Maria Olson. I was born November 9th, 1985 on a small army base in Landstuhl Germany. I am an Army brat (as most people would say). My dad served 22 years in the Army. He met my mom at a barber shop in Busan, South Korea. I laugh about this all the time because he went in for a haircut, and walked out with a wife. My parents now reside in Fort Hood Texas, and have been happily married for 31 years. This will clear up the questions about, "Where ya from!? or, "What's your nationality!?" I am an Army brat born in Germany, and I am half Korean, quarter German, and quarter Norwegian. I know it's a crazy mix!!I graduated High School in 2004 in Killeen Texas. I hated high school, so let's skip all that. After graduation I moved down to San Antonio in July of 2004 with my best friend Christiane. I worked at Chili's Grill and Bar for about 7 years. I worked as a corporate trainer, server, bartender, to-go, and hostess with the most-ess! My favorite thing about that job was being able to travel, open up new store, and train the new chili-heads!Lets fast forward to now! I met Rebecca Roberts, and started working at Schooners Sports Bar in February of 2009. I attend Northeast Lake view College where I am studying pre-med. I hope to be a Doctor and save lives one day at a time. I would like to specialize in Bariatric, but who knows! On my free time I enjoy hiking at enchanted rock out in Fredericksburg, going to church, shopping (of course!) watching funny movies, reading non-fictional novels, and hanging out with my BFF JAGER!! (Those of you who already know me, you already know what's up!) And if you don't know me, then you need to stop by Schooners and hang out with us sometime! Cause dammit we're fun! Oh yeah and I can't forget, "LETS GO ASTROS!!!!"Hopefully I've answered all your question, and if I didn't then stop by and ask me! Not married, no kids, no divorce! so please don't ask me why, or when... When it happens, it will happen. =)Live nutty. Just occasionally. Just once in a while. . .And see what happens. It brightens up the day! - Leo Buscaglia

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